Why Is My 4K Sony Projector Flickering?!?!

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Just get a new bulb for your 4K Sony Projector and it is having a weird flickering or strobing effect showing up on the screen? You are not alone! This is a known issue with the projector and can be an easy fix, so do not fret. After you are done reading this post, you will have an understanding of this issue and how to resolve it. So lets dive right in, first this is a known issue as admitted by the manufacturer. Here is a link to an awesome forum that has all of the details on the issue:

The short and skinny of it? There are 2 settings that are causing this issue to show up. The Lamp Control setting, and the Motion Flow setting. When the lamp is set to low and the motion flow is off or set to Impulse, you can experience this issue. These settings are almost always located in the same place across all models of Sony 4K projectors so we should be able to easily navigate you to the correct menu.


From the picture menu in the main menu go down to “Cinema Black Pro” this will pull open a sub menu where you should see a number of options, one of these will be “Lamp Control.” If it is set to “Low” please change it to “High.” Note: there should only be 2 options here. Once you have that set navigate back to the main menu. Again, go to the picture menu from the main menu. You should see the “Motion Flow” option. Make sure this is set to anything but “Impulse” or “Off.” Once you have verified that you have these settings correct, you should see the flickering go away within a few minutes. If the issue persists, it can take a few hours before the flickering will stop. We hope this information had been helpful and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our amazing customer support team and ALWAYS ensure you are doing all that you should be to ensure top performance and the longest lamp lifetime.

Thanks again for reading, see you next time!

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