My Mitsubishi Projector Will Not Start - Solid Red Status and Power Light - HC6500, HC5500, HC7800 and More!

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Mitsubishi projectors units are a little bit different in the way that they display their lamp hours and how the LEDs function. This can lead to some confusion when changing the lamp. In this blog we are going to clear the air and help you get your unit back up and running!

These projectors will do a few different things as the lamp hours go up on the timer. The timer is an internal clock that is controlled by the projector itself. When these projectors get to around 3750 hours a message will start to appear on the screen letting you know the lamp is approaching estimated end of life. This message will go a way after a minute. The Status indicator on your unit will flash green and red while over 3750 hours. When the lamp has been used for about 4750 hours, the replacement message (LAMP EXCHANGE) will appear on the screen for one minute every 25 hours thereafter. When the lamp operation time exceeds 5000 hours, the projector automatically shuts off and can’t be used until the lamp is replaced and the lamp operation time is reset. It will display a solid red status and power light when this happens.

It is very easy to reset the lamp hours on these units but it is not immediately obvious as to how. What you need to do is hold down the left, right and power arrow keys on the unit for a few seconds. This will clear the lamp timer and allow you to continue using the unit. We only recommend doing this after changing the bulb. You may need to unplug the unit from the wall for a few minutes before it will allow the timer to be reset. Not all units have the same button combination but this is the combination for most. Please refer to your individual manuals for more information. 

Some examples of other units that these troubleshooting steps can also apply to: HC1600, HC4000, HC3800, HC7000, HC6000, and HC5000. I hope all of this information was informative and useful in getting your unit back up and running. If you have further questions please reach out to me at 

Also check out my video for further support:

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