Privacy Policy

Jaspertronics, LLC ( knows how much you care about your privacy and what is done with your information. We appreciate and honor the trust that you have that we will respect your privacy and handle your personal information carefully and with secure reliability. This page explains our privacy policy. 

The Personal Information We Gather 

Information You Give Us 

While making a purchase on our website we ask you for specific data during the checkout process. This data helps us determine who we are selling our product to, who to contact in case of a problem with the order, and to verify the payment method chosen. This data is not and will not be shared or sold for any reason apart from a specific lawful request from an established government agency in the event that specific data is directly involved in a crime - for example, the fraudulent use of a credit card. In short - we are in the business of selling electronics - we do not sell personal data. This includes names, address's, email, payment information, and any other information you give us. It is used solely for the purpose of your order and we take great measures in securing that data. 

Automatically Gathered Information 

When you search for product in online search engines and then are directed to Jaspertronics you have came to us by way of an advertisement that we have made. This advertisement may have been a banner, a pay-per-click ad, or simply a web engine search that produced our web address - among other advertising methods. All of these methods are statistically measured to find what methods are working and what methods are not working. This is done for the specific reason of determining future advertisement campaign’s. 

Links To Other Websites 

Jaspertronics provides links to many other sites for the education of our products and services. These links can take you to a manufacturers website to show more specific information on a product, they can take you to a PDF file or data sheet that has been produced for a products explanation, or to another source of beneficial information. Jaspertronics will never purposely link to a website that has been compromised. We must also stress that we only maintain our website and do not monitor any of the websites we are linked to on a daily basis. Please take care and caution as you navigate the web, Jaspertronics is not responsible for any other website that may contain harmful or incorrect information. If a link on our website produces any unwanted data or effects, contact us immediately so that we can give attention to the issue. 

Secure Shopping - Security 
Jaspertronics, LLC. takes security seriously. 

The development of our site was thought through with stringent security measures. Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorized people to view information travelling between computers. Jaspertronics uses High-grade Encryption (AES-256 256 Bit) provided and verified by Equifax Secure Inc. Jaspertronics, LLC also utilizes the service of McAfee Secure to keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses, and online scams. Jaspertronics is tested and certified daily to pass numerous security scans. 

Jaspertronics, LLC. also takes another measure of precaution to protect our users information. When you submit an order into our system, your data is split into two electronic transmissions. The separation keeps the data you give us apart while traveling from our website electronically into our office - this means during this transmission each of the two parts of data would be incomplete without the other part. The data goes to two different servers. When your order is actually processed in our office the two pieces of data are put back together on a third server to form complete order information. Our office is also protected well from physical theft with security systems on the building as well as by password protected computers and password protected PC programs. This extra method ensures further privacy not available to most online shoppers. 

When you are logging into your account, placing an order and supplying your personal data, or checking your past order status - you are being protected by 256 Bit Rapid SSL security backed by a $10,000 warranty provided by Rapid SSL. 

When in a secure section of Jaspertronics, LLC. you will notice a lock within your browser. This lock signifies security. This lock can be located in different positions depending on the type and version of browser you are utilizing. For most browsers the lock appears in the lower right corner of your web browser or to the right of your address bar in the top portion of the browser. 

If you have any questions or comments about the security at Jaspertronics, LLC, or feel that we are not following the stated policy you can send an e-mail to or call us directly at 888-391-5596. 

Jaspertronics, LLC. Privacy Policy Changes 

Any changes to Jaspertronics, LLC. privacy policy will be noted here immediately upon the change and that change will first be noted by being highlighted in red and bold color along with the date of that change. This will remain for a period of one month and then the effects that will help that portion stand out will be removed.