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Jaspertronics is a service parts dealer representing Home Appliance Parts, HVAC Parts, Projection Light Bulbs, DLP TV Bulbs, Medical and Dental Bulbs, and more. If you do not see your service part listed or have a question to help locate the correct part number, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff by email: - (Note: We find email provides a full history of record and allows for our customer service staff to provide succinct and time efficient answers to better serve our customer base. With over 200 orders shipped successfully daily and only 4 service representatives we need to remain as efficient as possible! Thank you for your understanding and support. Should you need to speak with one of our reps please call 888-391-5596 during business hours.)


Appliance Repair Parts: Let us find the right part to get your appliance back up and running. From Microwaves to Washing Machines to the Treadmill's at your local gym, we carry a large assortment of replacement parts to repair or restore your existing unit. If you are unsure what part you need to repair your unit, please send a brief email with your appliance model number to and one of our appliance parts specialists will get back to you!


HVAC Replacement Parts: We carry the replacement part for nearly all current brands and models of dehumidifiers, portable and stationary air conditioning and condensing units. From fan blades to motors, we can help. Contact our support staff at any time for further information and support!


Projection Light Bulbs and DLP TV Lamps: Specializing in the 'Official' 'Original' product, we carry the Osram and Philips versions of the projection lamps your units require. Osram and Philips were hired by the manufacturer of your TV and/or Projector, why would you want to purchase anything less? Well, we understand why, simple economics :) This is why we carry our aftermarket series as well. While we always recommend the Osram P-VIP version when available, we will also carry the aftermarket and other versions when available to provide our customer base with the broadest spectrum of availability as possible to cater to each specific customer’s needs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support staff 7 days a week!


Medical and Dental Bulbs: Our newest line of product focus is in the Medical and Dental industry. We carry the replacement bulbs for all of your situational needs. All of our listings are for the original bulb manufacturer versions, we do not offer aftermarket variations of these lamps. If you do not know how to locate the proper bulb for your application please send our support staff an email any time, 7 days a week!


For any product inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our products support staff at they are standing by available to answer your questions 7 days a week!!

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