Original or Compatible?!? What is the difference ?!?

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Genuine AL, Osram Neolux , Osram PVIP, Philips, Phoenix, Ushio, Aftermarket, Compatible - what is the difference ?!? 

By now you may have noticed that there are literally dozens of purchase options for the projection lamp you need out there. As we understand this confusion completely, we are here to lay out a bit of information to help!

Lets try and simplify things. Please shoot us an email with any further question @ :

  • Compatible Lamps - The 'AL Series' lamps are our 'compatible' lamps. These are also known as OEM equivalent, OEM compatible, Generic, or Aftermarket Lamps ("AL" Series) We have options for Projectors and Projection TVs. This lamp type is typically the least expensive option available and a good option for many users. The drawback of the 'AL' lamp is in the lamps performance. If you are a typical home user you may install this lamp into your TV or Projector and never notice any difference. The lamp will perform and last as you expect. However, if you are using a projector in a large venue with open lighting, you may notice lowered light output. In short, there are differences, but they are typically so subtle that you may need to run a projector side by side with an original lamp and an aftermarket lamp at the same time to find the difference. In the end, we offer this variation of the product because many of our customers prefer the lower cost option. NOTE: There are MANY levels of Aftermarket lamps, rest assured we take the time to evaluate the quality of the bulb before adding the product to our inventory, we do not simply purchase the cheapest options, they must still hold up to a stringent quality test.

    With that said, we suggest all projection lighting users make use of the Original Inside options (aka OEM, aka OBH) These are the best option when coupling all variables.


  • Original Inside - (OEM, OBH, Osram Neolux, Osram PVIP, Philips, Phoenix, Ushio) - This is the original bulb as initially supplied to your projectors manufacturer. The manufacturers majorly utilized are Osram, Philips, Phoenix, and Ushio. These bulbs are installed into housings and OEM packaged for wholesale distribution. We are bringing them direct to the public! Original performance, original quality, original life. Buy with confidence!


Feel free to contact us at any time, with any question(s)! We are here to help.


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