Why our prices are SO LOW!?

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First, thank you for stopping by our web-space. You have found a projection lamp dealer that has a long and detailed history in projectors and projection lighting, as well as a plethora of other components that surround your projectors. Today, we are simply focused on lighting!

We have been in the projection lamp marketplace for well over a decade. Previous to the projection lamp business we were in the business of installing and maintaining home theaters, home automation, and projector driven board rooms as well as network design, implementation, and support. We have a long history in the marketplace and a long relationship with our vendors. This history and consistency provides our first strength - overall volume of sales along with a strong relationship with direct and senior vendor representatives. We have sold over 1,000,000 projection lamps!

We work with the original product at a very high volume. This means we use Philips, Osram (Sylvania), Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki, Matsushita, Epson, and some others to provide the same exact product you would receive if you purchased direct from your TV or Projectors manufacturer. Aside from Panasonic and Epson most manufacturers of TVs and Projectors do not actually manufacture lighting, they contact one of the lighting companies we mentioned above and purchase the product they need. For instance, Mitsubishi is a great leader in the DLP Projection TV marketplace. They certainly offer Mitsubishi TVs, but they do not manufacturer the lamp. They contact Osram (Sylvania) and put in an order for the lamps they need when they engineer the TV. When they build the TV, they install that Osram lamp. This is the same process we follow! With over a decade of hands on investigating and cataloging we have the worlds most extensive database that contains precisely what lamps is used in each and every TV and Projector model in existence. This is our second strength - we buy on the same level that the Projector and TV manufacturers do. We simply choose to not overcharge for a colorful cardboard box with our name on it! We provide you with the original product your application requires and we cut out all of the nonessential extras.

With our decade long archiving of products we have personally touched, inspected, and evaluated tens of thousands of products. In this process we have uncovered another key contributor to our low prices. Part sharing. Many projector and TV manufacturers only use their name, they do not actually engineer. For example, company XYZ produces a projector. They sell it to the public for $600. It is a great projector and a great value. Company ABC purchases the projector from company XYZ and simply puts their logo on it. Company ABC is a widely know household name and they charge $1200 for the same projector! Just because their name is known for better (more expensive) product. How does this help us keep our cost down? Simple. Company XYZ sells the projector for $600, and their replacement lamp for $100. Company ABC sells the same projector for $1200, and because the customer could afford a more expensive projector, they also price the lamp higher, at $200. We target the low cost. We do not sell the same lamp for more money to users of the projector sold by ABC just because we can - we sell to everyone evenly at the affordable cost that the users of the XYZ projector would pay. We would name this strength 'lack of greed'.

Finally, our companies owner and founder is a lifelong tech. He has spent over 20 years behind a computer screen and he has created software over the years that runs our business. We are able to do alot more behind the scenes due to this, with little human intervention. We can do the same volume of product management, customer service, and order processing with less than a quarter of the staff. This is a huge modifier of the overhead in a business. It is also passed onto you in the form of savings.

We can truly go on about the reasons why our prices are so low, if you would like to hear more - just call and ask to speak with our business's owner. This is another reason why we can keep our costs down - everyone involved is heavily involved. No executive pocket lining positions available here. Everyone does their part and he ensures to lead by example. Hard and consistent work with pure dedication.

We would love to hear from you, please call anytime or post a comment below.

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