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How do I track my shipment to the UK?

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From time to time our customers ask us great questions. I hope to include more of them in our blog for others to enjoy. Comments are welcome. Hello, Q. How long does surface shipping take to the UK?A. Up to 4-6 weeks. During peak months, we’ve received reports of it taking up to 8 weeks. This is why werecommend and offer Air shipping to customers for products needed more quickly. Air parcels takefrom 7 to 10 days. For smaller shipments, Global Express can get it abroad more quickly at reasonable rates. Q. Is there a way to track surface shipping?A....

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Getting the most out of your money. Lamp life, and how to extend it.

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Many users are not aware of the importance of regular general maintenance on projectors or projection TVs. This maintenance can mean the difference between a bulb that lasts and a bulb that expires seeming far to prematurely. A short amount of your time spent can prolong lamp life and assist in your journey apart from the frustration of being caught off guard and without a bulb to project your presentation, favorite sports team, or a simple movie night with the kids. Follow these steps and suggest any others you may have. The actual lamp life will vary based on many...

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