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Hello again! Today we are excited to offer a new service to the local community and the nation. We are now offering projector repair services. Here at Jaspertronics we are equipped to handle several projector issues. We have done work on light engines, LCD panels, color wheels, ballast issues and more! We have handled a wide range of models as well from Epson to Barco.

The service starts at $49.99 and carries a 90-day parts warranty; this is for the initial diagnostic on the repair and a cleaning if necessary. This can also be applied to the labor costs if the projector diagnostic is simple and there is not much cleaning required. After the initial diagnostic, we will reach out to you and let you know what parts and costs will be involved. The cost on the parts is hard to determine until the projector unit is in our hands and the part inside has been documented. Any parts replaced will carry a 90-day warranty. Once we have that information, we will send it over to you before proceeding. Any additional labor charges will be calculated at this time and sent over as well. Labor charges on repairs will be $49.99 per hour (again, the initial inspection fee of $49.99 rolls into your labor!)

If you are a local, you can simply drop the unit off and pick it up yourself. If you are located a bit further away and need to ship the unit, we can provide you the shipping address. The return shipping will also be covered by the customer and the return shipping fee is determined by the size and weight of the boxed unit. Items will be shipped back with UPS ground in most instances. Thank you again for taking the time to read about our exciting new service. If you have any questions, please feel free to call at 888-391-5596!

Check out some our service videos on YouTube!

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