My Optoma HD Projector has flickering colors! HELP!?!?!

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So, your Optoma projector is having flickering/strobing color issues? Do not worry! This is something that can be fixed. With a little technical know how and some elbow grease we can get your projector back up and running.

Cleaning the Color Wheel

Dust can build up on your projector over time. This dust can also build up on the color wheel. The color wheel is a part of the projector that the light shines through to display its vivid array of colors. This can get dust built up on it and it can cause issues. The most common of theses issues is the flickering or strobing color. The easiest way to fix this issue is by giving it a good cleaning. The color wheel is a small disc like object that is typically colored 6 different colors. You can find it between the bulb and the lens, the exact location will vary depending on projector model. Pulling this wheel out can be remarkably simple and once out it can be cleaned with a micro-fiber cloth. While you have the chassis open, it is a good idea to clean out all the dust in the unit. We recommend cleaning it with a micro-fiber cloth or a lower powered vacuum. You can use air duster but avoid spraying it directly on the color wheel and avoid spraying any dust towards the lens.

Cleaning the Sensor Board to the Color Wheel

There is a sensor board that looks at the shaft of the color wheel. Air is moving in this area, so dust build-up is inevitable. The sensor can get coated with dust and it will become unable to detect the movement of the color wheel. This will cause weird issues like flickering or strobing colors on the screen. The sensor is a small black rectangle with 2 dots on it. Simply clean the sensor off with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and this will clear the issue up right away. The sensor should look like this:

Optoma Color Wheel Sensor - CLEANED!Thanks again guys for taking a look and as always make sure to choose Jaspertronics for all of your projector needs.

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