My Samsung TV's LED lights are Blinking, What Does It Mean?

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The LED indicator lights on your Samsung TV will tell you the current status of your TV. These LED indicator lights will tell you if you TV is functioning normally or if there is an error. They can also specifically pinpoint the error for you, and we are here to help identify what those LED mean!

Lamp Light

A blinking lamp light is an indication that the lamp bulb is warming up. The bulb can take a few seconds to warm up and display a picture while the lamp light is blinking. As a TV ages this time may increase, but should not exceed 15-20 seconds.

Auto-Timer Light

The auto-timer light turns on when the auto-timer setting has been turned on. This is equivalent to the modern 'sleep' settings. It is informing you that your TV is set to shut down after a specific time frame set by you in the menu.

Blinking Timer and Standby/Temp Lights

When your Timer and Standby/Temp lights are blinking simultaneously, your TV is overheating. Dust and bulb failure are two leading causes for overheating in TVs. With the age of these TVs and with the cooling system acting as a 'vacuum' in the room the TV is located in, dust and debris is unavoidable - and build up hinders performance. Unplug your TV and allow it to cool for at least an hour. Clean the dust away from the ventilation slots with a can of compressed air and a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Make sure that the ventilation slots are not blocked by furniture, the wall or any other device. With the lamp removed you may also be able to locate cooling fans and access a portion of the cooling channels - these should be cleaned as well. A fan loaded with dust may only spin at 75% the RPM it is intended to spin - this lack of cooling will cause bulbs to prematurely fail. Check out our blog to Ensure you are doing all that you can to keep your TV performing optimally!

Blinking Standby/Temp, Lamp and Timer Lights

If all three LED indicator lights are blinking, your lamp bulb either requires replacement or you will need to reset your lamp timer. Your Samsung TV reports an error after a set amount of viewing hours to prevent damage to the set. This timer simply counts the number of hours the TV is on - it does not 'talk' to the bulb to know that it has, or is, reaching the end of its life. It should be reset each time the lamp is replaced. To reset the lamp hours, turn your TV off and with the remote press "Mute," "1," "8," "2" and "Power", then select the "Lamp hours" option in the "Options" menu and elect to reset the lamp hours.

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