How do I track my shipment to the UK?

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From time to time our customers ask us great questions. I hope to include more of them in our blog for others to enjoy. Comments are welcome.


Q. How long does surface shipping take to the UK?
A. Up to 4-6 weeks. During peak months, we’ve received reports of it taking up to 8 weeks. This is why we
recommend and offer Air shipping to customers for products needed more quickly. Air parcels take
from 7 to 10 days. For smaller shipments, Global Express can get it abroad more quickly at reasonable rates.

Q. Is there a way to track surface shipping?
A. When a package ships via USPS from the USA abroad, the seller must fill out a customs form. On the top
of the customs form is a number (it usually starts with CP) that is trackable at the link below:

If you enter the above number it should show which post office the package was accepted at.

Once the item hits the border (in the UK or other country), there may be a way for you to track it in your postal system. In the UK, I understand you can plug the customs number into Parcel Force’s tracking below:

Or the other carrier it may be delivered with is Royal mail:

If you plug the above number into Parcel Force/Royal mail, they respond that they haven’t received the parcel yet. It is not reported which carrier the USPS delivers to. I’ve read it depends on the size of the parcel. Next time you’re in the post office, ask them whether they typically receive packages from the USA that are large in size.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any additional comments, please leave them! Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional merchandise, information and customer service.

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