Vertical Lines After Installation of New DLP DMD Chip

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After installing a replacement DLP DMD Chip to fix my white dot (or other) issue, now I have vertical lines! Help!

This is a common enough occurrence that we wanted to post a short blog to help inform our customer base of the typical culprit and quick fix that is successful in nearly 100% of the instances we have come across.

When you experience vertical lines in your image after installing a replacement DLP DMD Chip it is most likely an issue of improperly seating the chip. While it may seem as if it is in place, these are very delicate connections and they require a perfect marriage to work perfectly.

The manufacturer actually suggests to attempt installation from start to finish at least 5 times if you are experiencing vertical lines.

Regarding the installation, please be sure to not rush to the securing screw. The chip must seat fully into place, the locking mechanism must then lock fully into place with ease. Only then should the securing screw be tightened to it approved torque. Always be sure to use the new thermal pad shipped with all chips - do not try to reuse your old one!

Always remember, you are paying for a part with Jaspertronics, but you are also paying for one of the most resourceful teams of tech gurus in the industry! We are here to help and we stand by each and every product that leaves our warehouse.

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