My Projector is Flickering and its not the lamp!

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As with all electronics, there is electronic failure! The frustrating truth of owning things, sometimes they feel like they own you!

We have compiled a 4 step list of things to check if you have an issue where your projector is flickering or if the image seems to be rolling up or rolling down. We hope this helps!

Step 1

First things first, determine if the blinking screen is part of you projector's normal operating mode. Watch and study when it happens and note if it stops after a short period of time. In some cases the screen may blink a few times after the input mode has been changed or after a new source has been introduced.

Step 2

Check your connections! A loose connection is a common cause of a flickering image. A loose connection is an incomplete connection. Check both ends of the video cables feeding your projector. Pull them off, look at the pins to be sure none are bent, where applicable, and then reseat them fully and firmly to ensure a proper connection. Be sure to do this on both projector side and the video feed side! 

Step 3

 Try a new cable. Cables are electronics too! Everything has a capability of failure. If a new cable does the trick be sure to discard the bad cable to avid future headaches! 

Step 4

 Connect the projector to a different input device, such as a different computer or a different video source. The graphics card in the computer or the output port on the video device may be faulty, feeding flickering or rolling video to the projector.

Please feel free to post your past experience, or any other measures to help correct this issue, below!

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