My Epson 5030/6030 will not start??? HELP!?!?!

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So, you have an Epson 5030 or a 6030 and the projector will not kick on? Maybe it will kick on sometimes or it will have a really delayed start? This is a common issue and is well known. Generally, the projector will not kick on and the status light flashes blue with an orange solid light on the lamp light. This normally indicates a bad bulb, but bad bulbs do not light back up. Once a bulb goes bad it is done. With this issue some users find they can get their projector to work. Many users on one of our favorite forums (the AVS forums) have voted in a poll about the start up issues. They found that almost 57% of users were reporting that the projector would not start up or it would have a delayed start. This was back in 2014 just a few months after the release of the projectors. These issues do not improve over time, they only become more apparent. You can read more about it by clicking here


Now this does not mean there is no recourse. Some users have found that updating the projectors firmware to the latest version would clear up the problem. You can find a link to update your firmware by clicking here

This has reportedly worked for some but not everyone. Keep in mind this issue is not exclusive to just the 5030 or the 6030 it is present in other Epson models. It is just most common in these 2 models for whatever reason. Both models of projector are getting old, the 5030 was discontinued in 2017 and the 6030 was discontinued a year later. This issue is only becoming more frequent and obvious as time goes on and if you continue to experience this issue after doing an update on your firmware, it may be time to get a new unit.

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