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At Jaspertronics we understand the deterioration of the projection lamp marketplace and we are not interested in contributing to the downfall. If you are looking simply for the best price, and you do not care about the quality and life of your product, please stop reading now and go to where you find the best price available. If you would like to end the frustration of 'trying' out online retailers for your projection lamp needs, continue on and read our product summary.


Jaspertronics has spent over 20 years in the projection lamp industry, in this time we have witnessed a destructive decline in product quality. In the late nineties typical aftermarket TV Projection lamps were priced in a range form $150-$200. We agreed at that time this cost was too high. We strived to find a better solution for our customer base. Over the years this same product has sunk to be priced, on average, between $30 and $90 per unit. This price drop was not because we, as lamp re-sellers, had such a great profit margin that we were able to pass those savings along to you. The $20 TV projection lamp is derived from cutting the quality out of the product. What the majority of online retailers will not tell you is the $20 lamp is DESIGNED to be less bright and have a shorter life span than its original counterpart, 30% of the original lifespan in some cases! This was achieved by using cheaper plastics, glass, and metals in the manufacturing of the TV projection lamps and housings. So, in essence, the need to be the lowest cost has forced most manufacturers to produce a product they know is not the product you as a customer needs, they also know that the product will not last.


We, at Jaspertronics, made the decision long ago that we would not follow this trend and contribute to the demise of one of the key aspects to our marketplace, projection lighting. We maintain the necessity of quality. We require quality. This has, in turn, expanded our coverage in the commercial marketplace and with direct sales to major retailers in the United States and abroad. Now we are ready to step into the consumer marketplace with our new online shop. We have one goal: To provide you the quality of product you need to ensure a safe and lengthy life of your television or projection unit and to do so at a cost that is effective for you.


Onto the summary: our trademarked lamp assembly process utilizes the highest quality bulbs available in the aftermarket channel. We continually work with our manufacturers on improvements and new product releases to ensure our customers have the best possible item when they have made a purchase with us. This is our way. We would rather resell a branded product, with an industry leading warranty, at a price that is appealing to you without having to worry that 20% of the product will be returned for failure or defect. 20% is actually a very modest number for a number of the 'bottom price' retailers.


We want to stress that our Aftermarket Projection Lamps (Genuine AL™) product line is not the same as the aftermarkets you will find plaguing the internet. The other retailers simply cannot get access to our product.


Should you have been fully tainted by aftermarket lamp failures and decide that you will only purchase OEM (Jaspertronics™ OEM) or Original Manufacturer Retail Packaged Lamps, we have your solution as well.

Our OEM (Jaspertronics™ OEM) products are identical to what came with your unit. They are bulbs produced by the same lighting companies that produce the bulbs for the manufacturer that engineered your TV or Projector. We contract assembly to install these bulbs into housings that we either purchase from mold injection companies overseas, mold injection companies right here in the US, or have molded ourselves in facilities contracted to do so. The only true difference between our OEM (Jaspertronics™ OEM) and the Original Manufacturer Retail Packaged Lamps is the retail packaging.


Should you not find a projection lamp you are trying to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us at one of our friendly sales staff members will be glad to assist you in finding the proper product for your application.


In closing, if you choose Jaspertronics, you are going to get a quality product. We always recommend our OEM (Jaspertronics™ OEM) series as they are the benchmark in performance, and at the end of the day, the product you receive will be as effective and will have the lifespan identical to the Original Manufacturer Retail Packaged Lamps.


Buy smart, buy bright, buy Jaspertronics!

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