Philips UHP Series

When your projector or rear projection television loses its picture quality or the lamp stops functioning, it’s time to replace the lamp module. There are various channels where you can find a replacement lamp or module such as the store where you bought your projector / RPTV, the Internet or via our global distribution partners. Philips is the founder and market leader in projection lighting (UHP technology lamp systems) by supplying a various range of different lamp system combinations to key OEM/ODM players (such as Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, NEC, Infocus, etc.)

The UHP lamp is the ideal light source for your projector or rear projection television because it has the highest light output used in the sophisticated small environments of Micro Display projectors. UHP lamps excel through long operating life and a low loss of lumens during that life. However, you should be aware that a UHP lamp has to be operated with care related to extremely high temperatures (even hotter than the sun) and the fact it is operated under high pressure (ca. 200-250 bar).

Fundamental for the correct performance of a UHP lamp is the stability of the arc length, the correct dosing of the materials used inside the lamp and the quality of the materials. Incorrect manufacturing of the lamp can lead to (early) failures, limited lifetime and loss of lumens.

Next to the important quality process of the manufacturing of a UHP lamp, it is important to know that when Philips delivers a UHP lamp to an OEM to create a projector or rear projection television, this always is delivered together with a (high voltage) ballast. The system (lamp & ballast) is jointly developed and interacts with each other to ensure the picture on your screen is flatter-free and colour reproduction is excellent. Philips has extensive release procedures in development and production to ensure the correct working of a specific lamp type with ballast, guaranteeing on optimal television or projection experience. Replacing the lamp will allow your product to perform like it was new.The Ultra-High Performance (UHP) high intensity discharge lamp invented by Philips combines a point like arc with lifetimes of many years.