Aegis FarUVC 222nm Automated Cycling Germicidal Sanitation Unit - UVCleen

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Jaspertronics has lead the way in Projection and Stage lighting for years, now we are bringing you safety at its finest measure! 

Amid the current pandemic our communities are in need of a solution. The UVCleen 222mn technology, a sanitizing light source capable of killing an immense array of virus and bacteria, is one of those things. The UVCleen germicidal sanitation unit brings an answer for now. Offering clean output with a peak of 222nm (nanometers). The unit has a point of FWHM that is less than 3nm, the range is tight and specific for a spectacular targeted attack on the virus and bacteria in its path! The other lamps penetrate through the skin and damage it but this one doesn't even penetrate the outer layer of the skin also.

Studies show that this UVC lamp is safe to use since the wavelength doesn't damage skin and eyes. No need to turn off the light when people are present in the vicinity.

"Ultraviolet C light with wavelength of 222 nm inactivates a wide spectrum of microbial pathogens" "Unlike conventional 254-nm UVC, 222-nm UVC is harmless to mammalian cells." The Journal of Hospital Infection Read the Article Here

The UVCleen also brings us an answer we were not looking for! It is hard to look past covid, but these lamps will not only help with the current pandemic, they can reduce the transmission of the flu and the common cold as well as countless other airborne sickness we come across in our lives. Imagine the resulting reduction in absenteeism! Our children and teachers would benefit greatly year round from the impact this technology has on airborne transmission. As would so many other factions.

For our commercial interests. How much production time is your business losing to covid? How much has your cleaning budget grown? The answer may be here, or in one of our customized options for larger applications. Do not hesitate to reach out, we are here to help.

With multiple safety features, scheduled cleaning cycles, voice response, and a remote control you can be assured the schedule is kept constant!

The following chart displays the wavelength at which our UVCleen Automated Cycling Sanitation Unit operates:

Aegis-UVC light (222 nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses” Nature/ Scientific Reports Read the Article Here

"Proof-of-concept Study on Disinfection and Healing Acceleration Capabilities of 222nm Wave Length Narrow Band Ultraviolet Lighting Device" CTTRIALS.GOV Read the Article Here

"Using the Power of Light: Preventing the Airborne Spread of Coronavirus and Influenza Virus"


Power: 100~240V AC to 24V DC grounded adapter included.


User Interface: RF(433MHz) remote control + Voice feedback + LCD Digital Tube display:.

David Brenner, COVID-19 Virtual Symposium: April 8, 2020

David Brenner, PhD, "Far-UVC light: A potentially safe and effective approach for reducing person-to-person SARS-CoV-2 transmission" Dr. Brenner is testing the use of Far-UVC light in populated areas to reduce viral aerosols. Previous tests show that Far-UVC exposure is effective at inactivating seasonal coronaviruses and the influenza virus. His studies in mice show no evidence of skin lesions or eyesight dysfunction after 8 months of exposure to 222nm Far-UVC light for 8 hours per day. Dr. Brenner is further studying the effectiveness of Far-UVC in influenza prevention between cages of Guinea pigs. If concluded to be safe and effective, Far-UVC light could be used in public spaces such as schools, on public transport, and in airports. 

The Power of Light: Fighting COVID-19 and Future Pandemics with Far UV

The science of human-safe UV technology has the potential to deactivate the COVID-19 virus (and other microbes) on clothes, skin and objects, allowing people to safely enter shared spaces such as spa, hotel, medical and retail environments. During this fascinating Wellness Master Class, Dr. David Brenner, director, Columbia University Center for Radiological Research; Fred Maxik, founder and chief technology officer, Health“ by Lighting Science; and Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer, Cleveland Clinic, will explore how groundbreaking ultraviolet technology can drastically reduce the presence of pathogens—and why it has been described as “the light at the end of the tunnel.” They will also discuss other new technologies. Dr. Brenner has published more than 270 peer-reviewed papers and two books on radiation for the layperson and is the most recent recipient of the Failla gold medal, the annual award given by the Radiation Research Society for contributions to radiation research. Fred Maxik has over 25 years of experience designing environmentally friendly technologies and is the principal inventor on 175+ patents in the United States. He is a foremost expert in solid-state lighting and has received numerous awards for his environmentally friendly technologies. In addition to serving the Cleveland Clinic as chief wellness officer emeritus, Dr. Roizen is a New York Times best-selling author and professor, Lerner College of Medicine of the Cleveland Clinic at Case Western Reserve University. He is also a member of the Global Wellness Institute Board of Directors.


Widely used in various places where large crowd gathering happens.

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  • How many square feet does this far-UVC 222 light clean?

    This depends on the distance from surface it is cleaning.

    For example:

    At 6.5 feet from the surface the coverage area is 26.9 square feet
    At 3.3 feet from the surface the coverage area is 7.53 square feet

    Imagine a pyramid shape from the light. As the light distance extends, the coverage expands in a rectangular shape that matches the reflective housing of the bulbs.

  • How large of an area (Square feet) does the Aegis Far UVC 222nm Germicidal Sanitation Unit clean? How long does it take to suggest the room is "clean"? Can you provide contacts for users? What is the life span of the lamps? Of the unit? Cost of lamps? What type of warrantee is provided?

      1. How long does it take to suggest the room is "clean”? 

      Under ’normal’ occupied room(human presence), in half hour, the SARS-CoV-2 is reduced by 90%. 

      Note that this is fluency related. Meaning, the further away from the light, the weaker the light, longer time is needed to achieve the 90% reduction effect. To keep the reduction rate without increased time, increase the light-on time in each cycle (a complete on-off time). 

      To maintain the level of ‘clean’ after reaching the 90% pathogen reduction, the light-up time in each cycle can then be reduced. (This will prolong the lamp-usage life). 


      1. Can you provide contacts for users? 

      I assume this refers to contacts for installation cases? We are the contact! 


      1. What is the life span of the lamps? Of the unit? 

      The life span of the lamps is 3000 hours. The unit itself will last much longer, however we have not tested the device by components to their full potential yet.


      The light is on for a few minutes and off for a few minutes for a cycle. It continues doing so for the number of hours that is user defined. This is to ensure the exposure limit complies to ACGIH guideline. For the TLV=23 mJ/cm2 (before 2022), the light can be used for a few years. For 2022 updated TLV (threshold limit value) = 161 mj/cm2 (for eyes, and 479 mj/cm2 for skin), the UV light can stay on nearly all the time when user stays more than 2 meters away. 

      We still recommend to control the light up time in each cycle to prolong the lamp life. 



      1. Cost of lamps? 

      Replacement lamps can be purchased, but the calculation is about $1.5 per day for the lamps installed


      1. What type of warrantee is provided? 

                     A 1 Year warranty for the replacement of the device. 

  • Do you carry FAR UVC lamps with 222 nM? Not regular UVC but FAR UVC (safe UVC)....How much is the lamp with a base and remote control?

    We absolutely do! The listing this question is attached to is the 222nm Eximer lamp complete iwth base, filter, remote control, and custommizable cycle options!

    Here is the link again as well:

    Thank you for reaching out to Jaspertronics for your specialty lighting needs, please let us know if we can hlpe further!