A Series 265103R Bare Lamp for RCA TVs

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New bare lamp for the following RCA models:

HD50LPW162YX1, HD50LPW162YX2, HD50LPW163YX1, HD50LPW163YX2, HD50LPW42YX3, HD50LPW42YX4, HD61LPW162YX1, HD61LPW162YX2, HD61LPW163YX1, HD61LPW163YX2, HD61LPW163YX5, HD61LPW42YX3, HD61LPW42YX4, HDLP50W151YX2, HDLP50W151YX4, HDLP61W151YX2, HDLP61W151YX4

Lamp Specifications

Spec Data
ProductCode 265103
Type Bare Bulb
Warranty 90 Days

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