Saber X1 Reactive LED Light Saber - Handheld w/ Remote Control and Motion Sensors!

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Feel the Force! Get the Party Started, with this new and exclusive SaberX1!

The Saber X1 is surprisingly durable. While it is certainly not meant for a real saber battle, they are durable and have survived some rigorous testing by the Jaspertronics staff and their kiddos! 

There are too many modes to cover when you add all the potential variations. The main functions are Solid State, Audio Responsive Mode, and Motuon Responsive Mode

When a solid colored, or solid rainbow, Saber X1 is what you want, simply select the Solid State Mode. Take your pick on the spectrum and set it to stay.

If you want the Saber X1 to dance to the music or your voice, set it to Audio Responsive Mode. You will not be disappointed! You can set this behind the TV, on the back deck of your car, on a tri-pod next to your DJ Booth! The possibilities are endless!

The Saber X1 can also react to motion. This setting is fun to play with and arguably the most fun, but watch out for your surroundings and fellow humans! This mode might be best for the great outdoors!

Last bit of explaining the Saber X1, how you control all of these functions. It’s simple, and you have two forms of simple! You can control it right from the handle. It has two buttons on the side, and on the bottom of the handle. The buttons on the side have two functions, one cycles through the Modes and the other cycles the variations within that mode. On the bottom of the handle is the power button that doubles as a ‘hold’ or ‘lock’ feature. The second easy option is the included remote. If you want a bit more direct control, the remote has many short cut keys to get right to where you need to go if toggling through the setting on the Saber X1 itself is not an option.

Anyway you look at it, the Saber X1 is going to light it up! Light up your room, party, or office! This thing is as portable as it gets. The Saber X1 is bright fun anywhere you go.

Quick Setup - Link to the Saber X1 User Guide - Hosted by the Manufacturer

Saber X1: a portable Saber X

Take it with you, anywhere you go!

Enjoy your Saber X? Now you can take it with you, outside, and on the road.

With built-in Li-Ion battery that lasts for more than 3 hours, and even a remote, SaberX1 extends your joy in many ways.

May the joy be with you ...

- Touch control

- Multiple Display Patterns
   Single Color
   Dynamic Color
   Color Swing
   Music Sync

- RF Remote control

Check out this old promo video!

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  • is the battery rechargeable? is this safe for a five year old child?

    Yes, this battery does recharge with an included micro usb cable.

    It would make an excellent gift for anyone but they are not meant to be hit against one another or other objects. While they are durable, they are not intended for battle!

    Thank you for reaching out to Jaspertronics for your projection lighting needs, please let us know if we can help further!